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RTD Temperature Sensor Assembly


New Heat Tracing RTD Temperature Sensor line designed to dramatically reduce customers' total cost-of-ownership

The innovators in sensing and switching products, announces the availability of a complete line of RTD temperature assemblies specifically designed for heat tracing applications. The unique, replaceable element concept can save customers both time and money, plus increase overall system reliability and up-time. "One of our major customers, a large refining company, has determined that they save over $1,000 in labor each time they have to replace a sensor", states Ken Kirkwood, General Manager of the Temperature Sensor Division, "and have reduced their repair time from two days to less than one hour."

The design consists of a terminal head and right-angle shaped outer sheath, with a curved weld-pad at the end. The replaceable RTD element assembly is contained in the outer tube and, when installed, presses against the pipe. Heat transfer is excellent and heat conduction away from the element is minimal. Should the element ever need to be replaced, it's a five-minute job to open the terminal head, unwire the sensor, slide it out and slide a new one in.

Heat Trace RTD

"One of the most common causes of heat tracing system problems is not the failure of the primary tracing," says Ken Kirkwood. "It's the damage which can be done to the insulation and covering when replacing a damaged RTD." Typically, to replace a sensor, a process customer may need to have several people involved: welders, electricians and instrument technicians. The cover and insulation needs to be stripped back, the existing sensor's conduit broken, the sensor itself cut off the pipe, and the procedures then reversed. After the repair, in many cases, water then finds its way into the repaired covering, ruining the insulation's effectiveness and causing failure.

UE's sensor design eliminates this common failure mode. "In effect, we've designed a surface-mounted 'thermowell' for tracing applications," says Ken. The sensors, used as inputs into electronic heat tracing controllers and monitors, are available with a number of different terminal heads, including aluminum and cast iron, NEMA 4X, explosion-proof and polycarbonate. The weld-pad can be flat, or have a radius designed for 1/2" through 8" pipe diameters. Designs are also available for tank and hopper heater applications.

United Electric Controls' customers include major energy and chemical producers, such as hydrocarbon processing plants, energy and power generation plants, pharmaceutical, food and beverage processors, as well as water treatment facilities and OEMs throughout the world. Established in 1931, United Electric maintains corporate headquarters in Watertown, Massachusetts, USA, and direct offices throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, India and Malaysia. UE also maintains worldwide distribution.

For further information, contact Applied Sensor Technologies, 180 Dexter Avenue, Watertown, MA 02472.
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