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Extreme Environment High Temperature Sensor Assemblies

Applied Sensor Technologies announces a new line of thermocouple temperature sensors designed to survive longer in extreme environments and effectively measure temperatures in excess of 1700° C.

These thermocouple sensors are manufactured from platinum wire and are available in R, S and B calibrations. Their construction includes high purity, alumina bead spacers instead of mullite, preventing contamination of the platinum by the mullite that can occur at temperatures above 650° C. The sensor is then protected from the environment by an alumina protection tube, available in a variety of lengths, diameters and process connections. A secondary protection tube of silicon carbide, Hexalloy®, Sialon® or other material is then frequently added for physical strength and/or abrasion-resistance.

Typical applications include vacuum furnaces and kilns; primary metal processors such as steel mills and aluminum foundries; glass manufacturing; semiconductor manufacturing and chemical plants.

Applied Sensor Technologies, a division of United Electric Controls, is based in Watertown, MA. A leading manufacturer of temperature sensors such as thermocouples, RTDs, thermistors and integrated circuit chip packages, AST provides temperature sensing solutions to customers in a wide variety of process industries and OEM markets.

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High Temperature Sensor Assemblies

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