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Thermocouple | Applied Sensor Technologies (AST)

Thermocouple manufacturer, Applied Sensor Technologies (AST), provides cost-effective solutions and 'fit-for-purpose' products tailored for specific industries. AST also builds custom products for OEM's and will manufacture custom made thermocouples with your specifications. We offer weatherproof terminal heads, beaded, explosion-proof, spring-loaded, ATEX approved, sheath and stripped or terminated ends. Contact us today to build a custom thermocouple for your application needs!

Our thermocouple products can measure temperatures over wide ranges, inexpensively. They are rugged, made in the USA, ISO 9001 certified, with worldwide factory support and more than 150 distributors.

Learn more about our products in our thermocouple catalog.

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Style(s) Description

Thermocouple Terminal Head Styles:
Types J, K, E, T

Thermocouple Description

Thermocouple Style 15 NEMA 4, welded NPT process fitting
Thermocouple Style 45 NEMA 4, spring-loaded, NUN hardware
Thermocouple Style 65 NEMA 3 Connection w/flexible armor cable
Thermocouple Style 78 Explosion-proof, welded NPT process fitting
Thermocouple Style 22 ATEX-approved, explosion-proof, welded NPT process fitting
Thermocouple Style 77 Explosion-proof, spring-loaded, NUN hardware
Thermocouple Style 21 Welded sheath, no process fitting, with optional head
Thermocouple Style 75 Spring-loaded hex fitting, with optional head
Thermocouple Style 48 Spring loaded hex fitting, NUN hardware, optional head
Thermocouple Style 80 Connection head with beaded Thermocouple and mounting hardware
Thermocouple Style 82 Connection head w/Tungsten Carbide Tip

Terminal Head Styles - Types R, S, B

Thermocouple Style 81N Primary protection tube only
Thermocouple Style 81B Dual protection tubes, bushing mounting
Thermocouple Style 81F Dual protection tubes, flange mounting
Thermocouple Style 81C Noble Metal Thermocouple with secondary Protection Tube & Mounting Collar

Sheath Styles

Thermocouple Style 02/04/28 Sheath with leadwire, stripped ends
Thermocouple Style 03 Sheath with leadwire and armor
Thermocouple Style 05/07/69 Sheath with leads and plug
Thermocouple Style14/74 Sheath with attached plug
Thermocouple Style 38 Cutable sheath
Thermocouple Style 71 Spring-loaded bayonet cap with armor
Thermocouple Style 23I/23P/24 Sheath with leads and NPT process or instrument fitting
Thermocouple Style 32 Washer mounting with leads and armor
Thermocouple Style 41 Mounting lug with leadwire

Replacement Elements

Thermocouple Style 50 Beaded Replacement Element for Base-Metal Thermocouples
Thermocouple Style 51 Beaded Replacement Element for Noble-Metal Thermocouples

Thermocouple Products

To download complete set of thermocouple spec sheets click here.

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